What are things of GPS and drone have to know
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What Are Things Of GPS And Drone Have To Know

What are things of GPS and drone have to know

The role of GPS jammer in daily life

As the development of Internet, people can have access to the instant news immediately, at the same time, people’s private life has been exaggerated. People take use of the high tech GPS tracking device or radio video spying kits to steal people’s privacy everywhere. Once if they are succeeded in picturing or recording you. The photos or records will be delivered on the Internet fast, you will become the hot issue any time. More and more people will be interested in photos, more private information will be exposed. Everyone is curious about the Internet trend, while we must be wise. We should be more wise to deal with so many tracking devices. The helper’s name is GPS signal jammer which is powerful to keep off all those hidden tracking devices. GPS jamming technology will also disable autopilot in drones to protect individuals' privacy.

That even state intelligence services have had difficulty in determining the source of the jamming and whether or not it was deliberate, highlights how effective these tactics can be even during an uneasy peace. With electronic and cyber assaults, Russia has found an effective way to disrupt the military and government activities of its regional opponents while maintaining a surprising amount of plausible deniability.

GPS disruption isn’t limited to jamming, either. There are increasing reports that the Russians have been expanding their ability to spoof the system’s signals, point receivers at the wrong locations. In June 2017, we reported on the U.S. Maritime Administration's report about such incidents in the Black Sea in which ships’ navigation equipment was showing their location miles inland. Other reports of location errors had earlier cropped up in Moscow among players of the popular cell phone game Pokemon Go, which relies on a mobile device’s GPS-enabled location services.

Russia leads the world in wifi jammer

Russian-made drone jammer reportedly have been successful in forcing down drones in the recent past. But that doesn't mean America's huge fleet of military UAVs is defenseless.

For a radio jammer to work, it needs to be fairly close to the signal its crew wants to disrupt. The Avtobaza, for one, can detect targets up to 93 miles away, according to Air Power Australia, an independent think tank specializing in military electronic systems. Jamming requires more power than detecting does, so the range at which the Avtobaza can disrupt a drone is certainly shorter than 90 miles.

That's why Russia's jammers, and the new counter-drone "special forces" that operate them, don't necessarily pose an existential risk to the US military's UAVs. The Russian drone-hunters could struggle to pinpoint targets. "It would seem to be hard to do unless you knew where they were going to be and when," one former US drone-developer explained on condition of anonymity.

Air Force Col. John Dorrian, a spokesman for Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve, would only describe the devices given to the Iraqis as "jammers." Dorrian has previously said that U.S forces advising and training the Iraqis have their own jammers to counter drones.

An apparently different type of anti-drone weapon spotted in Iraq is DroneDefender, made by Battelle, which resembles an assault rifle but features a directed energy frequency jammer mounted on the frame. It has a range of about 400 yards and works by disrupting the links to the drone controller or GPS device.

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